LUNA - Sensori Session

by Sensori Collective

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1966 was a big year for space travel in our world. In the 1950s, the craze of space travel was starting to grow in the United States and the '60s saw a lot of dreams realized. Just 50 short years ago we really started exploring other planets - we've come a long way, but we have barely just scratched the surface.

In February 1966, the Soviet Union successfully made the first soft moon landing with their Luna 9 mission. Just a week later, another Soviet space probe made a crash landing on the surface of Venus - this was the first space probe to reach the surface of another planet. The United States had a few space missions of their own and also landed their first probe on the moon. April 1966 also saw the first orbit of the moon with the Soviet mission Luna 10.

Everyone was so consumed with space exploration and learning more and more about the solar system surrounding our seemingly tiny planet. We wanted to gather some music together to honor the 50 year anniversary of these milestones, and to pay respect to the vast space that we call home.

We hope to put together a soundtrack of what space sounds like or means to us - and hopefully capture the feeling of these missions. For this session, artists were required to incorporate elements related to space exploration events in 1966. Enjoy!

Check out all the talented artists involved on this project below:

DJ Costanza >
DeepUrth >
TEC. >
Envision >
Five05 >
DP3 >
Tall,Drk >
flexbeato >
Truelove_ >
TactiK >


released January 11, 2016



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